Tokyo Suido Services Co., Ltd.

Partnering with the Bureau of Waterworks, Tokyo Metropolitan Government

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Tokyo Suido Services Co., Ltd., a partner of Tokyo Metropolitan Government, is committed to eternally supply safe, delicious water for the welfare of every customer with efficiency.

Based on the policy to organize unified operation with the Bureau of Waterworks, Tokyo Metropolitan Government, TSS has made utmost efforts to establish more efficient management in response to the needs of a new era and to pass on the rich experience and total technology gained in the water utility management in co-operation with the stakeholders,.

TSS has presently undertaken a contract to maintain the waterworks of all the 26 municipalities in the Tama suburban area of Tokyo since 2012, upon the completion of the business entrusting contract between the Bureau and the municipalities.

TSS has also been receiving the contracts from the Bureau to operate and maintain the waterworks including water sources, treatment plants, pumping stations, distribution pipe networks and service installations. The volume of the contracts has increased year by year. It is our privilege to say that we cover the fundamental management of waterworks from water sources to service taps.

TSS established Tokyo Waterworks International Co., Ltd. in April, 2012 to promote and expand new international contribution. TSS is going to support overseas water utilities in cooperation with TWI by taking advantage of the advanced technology and operational know-how .

We will devote our concerted efforts to technological development and progress and also to more efficient and steady management to provide customers with safety and reliability.

Norio Iijima,

President of Tokyo Suido Services Co., Ltd.