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Area expansion of NRW Reduction Project in Yangon City, Myanmar

October 7, 2016


Area expansion of NRW Reduction Project in Yangon City, Myanmar

 Japan Consortium Limited Liability Company (JC), jointly established between TSS Tokyo Water Co., Ltd. (TSS) and Toyo Engineering Corporation, has signed a contract for the project for NRW (non-revenue water) reduction in Yangon City, the Republic of the Union of Myanmar.
 TSS already has a track record of producing significant results from cooperative work with Yangon City. JC, the implementer of the above project, carried out a pilot project for NRW reduction in 2014, taking advantage of TSS's world-class water leakage prevention technology, while TSS has also been building good relationships of cooperation with the city in accordance with the memorandum of understanding which was signed on September 26, 2013, through holding seminars in Yangon and providing training in Japan.
 This project, built upon these past achievements, is designed to be an expanded project for NRW reduction covering a far larger area than the previous project. In fact, it will be the largest project for NRW reduction that a Japanese municipality (or an extra-departmental body of a Japanese municipality) has ever implemented abroad.
 Working in cooperation with the Bureau of Waterworks, Tokyo Metropolitan Government, TSS will continue contributing to improving waterworks in different overseas countries and developing local human resources for water suppliers of these countries, by leveraging its technological expertise and knowhow.

 1. Project outline
 (1) Aims: Investigating water leakage, replacing and repairing water pipes, replacing and
                 installing water meters, etc
 (2) Date of contract: October 7, 2016
 (3) Project period: 2016–2022 (not yet finalized)
 (4) Project cost: About 1.8 billion yen (ODA grant-in-aid)

 2. Project characteristics
 - An expanded project, built upon the results of the pilot project for NRW reduction (2014)
 - Local technical training to be provided as part of the implementation of the project
 - Cooperation between the public and private sectors
 - Utilization of Japanese equipment and materials

Photos of projects sites implemented in 2014