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MOM Signed with HAWACOM in Vietnam for JICA Partnership Program

December 25, 2015
  MOM Signed with HAWACOM in Vietnam for JICA Partnership Program
 TSS Tokyo Water Co., Ltd. (TSS) signed an MOM (Minutes of Meeting) with Hanoi Water Limited Company (HAWACOM) and Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) for a project "the Non-Revenue Water (NRW) Reduction Technology Training and Capacity Building Project in Hanoi" in the scheme of JICA Partnership Program. TSS carries out the project in closer cooperation with the Bureau of Waterworks of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.
1. Signing of MOM
(1)Date:     Friday, December 25, 2015(9:00-10:00)
(2)Venue:   Special Meeting Room, Hanoi Water Limited Company, Vietnam
[Vietnam]   Hanoi Water Limited Company (HAWACOM)
[Japan]     Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)
           TSS Tokyo Water Co.,Ltd. (TSS)
(4)Signers (as seen from the front left)
  ・ Mr. Nguyen Tri Khoa, President of HAWACOM
  ・ Mr. Chikahiro Masuda, Senior Representative of JICA's Vietnam Office
  ・ Dr. Atsushi Masuko,President of TSS
        (participants in the second row are employees of the respective Parties)
The objective of the project is to build up sustainable and regenerative system for human resource development on non-revenue water (NRW) reduction in HAWACOM through practical on-site training mainly. The trained personnel during the project will, in turn, train fellow employees of HAWACOM and thereby contribute to reducing NRW in Hanoi City.
3.Main Activities
(1)The leak detectors and other equipment for reducing NRW are donated to HAWACOM.
(2)Experts from TSS provide technical training on leak detection and other measures for reducing NRW.
(3)HAWACOM employees are invited to Tokyo for training on Japanese advanced technologies and better NRW management.