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Consulting Contract for the NS Pipe Pilot Project of Taipei Water Department

December 7, 2016


Consulting Contract for the NS Pipe Pilot Project of Taipei Water Department

 TSS Tokyo Water Co., Ltd. (TSS) has won, through its affiliate in Taiwan, Tokyo Waterworks International Co., Ltd. (TWI Taipei), a consulting contract for Taipei Water Department, a water supply corporation that supplies water services to Taipei, Taiwan, pertaining to its NS pipe-related pilot project.
 Taipei Water Department signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) for technical cooperation with the Bureau of Waterworks, Tokyo Metropolitan Government, in April 2013. Since that time the two organizations have continued with cooperative exchanges regarding improving water supply technology and reducing non-revenue water. This project is to realize a pilot adoption of NS ductile iron pipes with earthquake-resistant joints (NS pipes), which TSS has been recommending to retrofit. The pilot adoption mainly arises from damages of usual pipes caused by the Tainan Earthquake, which hit southern Taiwan in February 2016.
 This project will involve replacing four to five kilometers of water pipes by NS pipes in each of a few small blocks within the area served by Taipei Water Department. TSS will provide consulting services for this implementation, including preparing written orders and specifications for the replacement work and providing training, design assistance and construction guidance.
 This will be the largest contract amount that TSS or any of its affiliate companies has ever won independently through bidding hosted by an overseas water supply corporation without any ODA support. TSS will continue to contribute to improving waterworks in Taiwan and developing local human resources for water suppliers of the country by leveraging its technological expertise and knowhow in cooperation with the Bureau of Waterworks, Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

[Outline of the contract]
 Project owner: Taipei Water Department
 Contract name: Consulting for Pilot Adoption of NS Ductile Iron Pipes with Earthquake-
                          resistant Joints (NS Pipes)
 Amount: 8 million Taiwan dollars (about 30 million Japanese yen)
 Period: About three years
 Date of winning the bid: December 6, 2016

[Service contents]
 1. Preparing written specifications related to the replacement work (for adoption of NS pipes)
 2. Planning and implementing NS pipe plumbing and joining training (200–400 mm caliber)
 3. Providing support for pipeline designing work using NS pipes
 4. Providing support for purchase of NS pipes and construction work using them