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Operation and Maintenance of Water Source Facilities

Bureau of Waterworks, Tokyo Metropolitan Government has been well preserving the green remains including Tamagawa Aqueduct, a government-designated historic site. Bureau of Waterworks has made efforts to make aware of the historical value of such greenery water sites which attract citizens of Tokyo and to pass them onto the next generation.
TSS has received a contract from Bureau of Waterworks to carefully conserve and maintain Tamagawa Aqueduct and Murayama and Yamaguchi Reservoirs, which are loved by many citizens of Tokyo, in order to pass these facilities onto the next generation without damaging the landscape.

Murayama-shimo Reservoir
Tamagawa Aqueduct

Maintenance of Tamagawa Aqueduct

Part of the upper reaches of Tamagawa Aqueduct, a government-designated historic site, has currently been used for drawing raw water into treatment plants. Therefore, we conserve and manage the facilities, and monitor the quantity and quality of water while taking care not to damage the landscape along the aqueduct.

Cleaning a clogged screen
Monitoring of odor and toxins

Maintenance of reservoirs

We maintain Murayama and Yamaguchi Reservoirs built on the Sayama Hills.

Supervision of mowing
Survey of the environment
around the reservoir