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Technological Training for Japan Water Works Association

Plumbing skill training

TSS has received contracts from Japan Water Works Association to provide a training program gDistribution Plumber's Skill Trainingh to acquire skills and knowledge on anti-seismic joint connection. We provide training by instructors from our company.

Small-diameter pipe skill training
Large-diameter pipe skill training

Leak prevention training

In recent years, leak prevention is becoming more and more important in the water utilities.
Water leaks lead to loss of valuable resources. In addition, they cause economic losses or damages on our living environment: road subsidence or flooding of buildings.
TSS has received a contract of gLeak Prevention Trainingh from JWWA to train on water leak technologies.
Instructors from TSS provide practical field training courses, such as leak detection skills and repair methods as well as leak prevention strategy.

Leak prevention training

On-site plant technology training

TSS has received a contract from JWWA to train on mechanical, electrical and treatment technology for plant technicians.
The mechanical training includes pump performance tests, and disassembly and assembly of pumps. The electrical training includes sequence wiring (basic circuits, short circuits, valve operations, pump pressure control circuits, etc.).
The on-site treatment training includes precipitation with chemicals; backwashing of filtration basins; and water examination and measurement in large treatment plants and other facilities.

Leak prevention training