Comprehensive Water Services: TSS Tokyo Water Co., Ltd.

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Maintenance and Inspection of Distribution Related devices

TSS has received contracts from Bureau of Waterworks, Tokyo Metropolitan Government to maintain and inspect distribution pipe-related devices.

Maintenance and inspection of distribution main telemeter devices

Distribution mains are equipped with many telemeters which transmit water pressure and flow rate data for steady water supply, to Water Supply Operation Center of Bureau of Waterworks.
We maintain and inspect the pressure gauges, flow meters and communication devices installed in various places in Tokyo.

Inspection of a telemeter board for a distribution main

Maintenance and inspection of water quality sensors

It is of crucial importance to properly manage water quality from water sources to faucets. TSS maintains and inspects water quality sensors installed on service pipes and at pumping stations.

Inspection of an automatic water-quality sensor

Maintenance and inspection of anti-seismic reservoirs

Bureau of Waterworks, Tokyo Metropolitan Government has constructed dozens of anti-seismic reservoirs all over the area of Tokyo to supply drinking water against a big earthquake.
TSS maintains and inspects these facilities so that they can work well in the event of an earthquake.

Inspection of an anti-seismic reservoir

Inspection of electrical equipment in vertical shafts

Large-diameter pipes are often laid in tunnels with vertical shafts.
Lights, drainage pumps and power distribution boards are installed in the vertical shafts. TSS maintains and inspects electrical equipment installed there.

Inspection of electric equipment in a vertical shaft

Inspection of additional chlorine injectors

To supply customers with safer and more palatable water, Bureau of Waterworks carefully controls and reduces the amount of residual chlorine by installing additional chlorine (sodium hypochlorite) injectors in pumping stations, which TSS maintains and inspects.

Additional chlorine injector

Sampling water

TSS helps Bureau of Waterworks in the periodic water quality examination by collecting water samples from water sources, treatment plants, distribution stations and pumping stations in the Tama suburban area.

Sampling water