Comprehensive Water Services: TSS Tokyo Water Co., Ltd.

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Pumping Stations (Maintained by TSS)

Koto Pumping Station (in Koto Ward, Tokyo)

Koto Pumping Station remotely monitors and maintains seven unmanned pumping stations (Harumi, Toyozumi, Ariake, Kasai, Nishimizue and Tokai Pumping Stations, and Toyosu Booster Pump Station). These pumping stations are equipped with additional chlorine injectors. Koto Pumping Station mainly covers Koto and Edogawa Wards.

Administration Building of Koto Pumping Station
Distribution pumps at Toyozumi Pumping Station

Koemon Pumping Station (in Adachi Ward, Tokyo)

Koemon Pumping Station remotely monitors and maintains three unmanned pumping stations (Minamisenju and Mizumoto Pumping Stations, and Kitashikahama Booster Pump Station). Minamisenju Pumping Station generates hydroelectric power from pressure of water drawn into the service reservoirs. Koemon Pumping Station mainly covers Adachi, Arakawa and Taito Wards.

Administration Building of Koemon Pumping Station
Small-scale hydroelectric power generator at Minamisenju Pumping Station