Comprehensive Water Services: TSS Tokyo Water Co., Ltd.

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Operation, Monitoring and Maintenance of Treatment Plants

TSS has received contracts from by Bureau of Waterworks, Tokyo Metropolitan Government to monitor, operate and maintain Kinuta, Nagasawa, Ozaku and Misono treatment plants. The contracts cover the intake and treatment, as well as the distribution reservoirs and transmission and distribution pumps.

Monitoring and operation

We treat raw water by mixing chemicals and controlling water quality, operate distribution reservoirs, and monitor and operate transmission and distribution pumps based on the pump operation guidelines to supply water which meets the water quality standards specified in the Waterworks Act.

Operation and monitoring
of water treatment facilities
Water examination


To maintain normal operation of treatment plants, we daily patrol and regularly inspect all of the facilities from the intake to distribution facilities. We also carry out switching and simple repair of power receiving and transforming equipment at the time of electrical inspection.

Routine patrol and inspection
Equipment switching operation