Comprehensive Water Services: TSS Tokyo Water Co., Ltd.

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Operation and Maintenance of Water Treatment and Distribution Facilities

In addition to the operation and maintenance of Kinuta, Nagasawa, Ozaku and Misono treatment plants and pumping stations, we also inspect and maintain distribution pipeline related equipment.

In the Tama suburban area, we also operate and maintain treatment plants and other facilities by the integrated SCADA systems.

Operation, Monitoring and Maintenance of Treatment Plants

We operate and maintain the water intake and treatment processes, and distribution reservoirs as well as transmission and distribution pumps.

Treatment Plants (Operated by TSS)

The treatment plants maintained and managed by TSS are introduced.

Operation, Monitoring and Maintenance of Pumping Stations

We monitor, operate and maintain pumping stations and booster pump stations as well as inspect electrical and pump facilities.

Pumping Stations (Maintained by TSS)

The pumping stations and booster pump stations that are monitored, maintained and managed by TSS are introduced.

Operation and Management of Treatment Plants and Pumping Stations with Integrated SCADA Systems

We operate, maintain, patrol and inspect waterworks including treatment plants, water supply and distribution stations, pumping stations and water source wells by the use of the integrated SCADA systems in the Tama suburban area of Tokyo which contains as many as 26 municipalities divided into four sub-areas.

Major Waterworks and Equipment in the Tama Suburban Area (Operated and Maintained by TSS)

Major waterworks in the Tama area operated and maintained by TSS is introduced.

Maintenance and Inspection of Distribution Related devices

We maintain and inspect related equipment, water quality sensors and emergency water supply facilities against earthquakes.