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Maintenance and Inspection of Pipelines

Survey and inspection of pipelines

Securing steady supply of water requires periodic and continual survey and inspection.
To supply safe, palatable water, TSS surveys and inspects the pipelines on the basis of the rich experience and advanced technology acquired over many years, and checks if every part of the pipelines(distribution pipes, valves and other related equipment) always fulfills their functions or if they might pose any risks to third parties.
We evaluate the survey results from various angles and propose concrete solutions.

Survey of the functions of distribution mains
Survey and repair of an air valve

Survey on pipeline environment

To monitor the underground environment of pipelines, we conduct survey of corrosion on internal and external pipe surfaces as well as soil tests and analysis.
Based on the results of the surveys, we quantitatively or statistically analyze the causes of corrosion on internal and external pipe surfaces and present service life estimates of pipelines and other information that can be used in assessing the need for replacement.

Pipeline excavated for investigation on corrosion

Observation of other companies' construction work

For the proper maintenance and inspection of pipeline facilities, TSS has received contracts from Bureau of Waterworks, Tokyo Metropolitan Government to observe other companiesf construction work in order to aviod damages and properly maintain the pipelines.

On-site observation of other companies' construction work

Cleaning of pipeline interiors

Debris, such as rust on the inside of pipelines, can cause turbidity and deterioration of water.
TSS cleans pipelines by the TS distribution pipe cleaning method.

Cleaning by drainage

TS distribution pipe cleaning method

It effectively removes deteriorated seal coat and other debris on the inner surface of pipes.

  • No need to excavate or cut pipes
  • Applicable to a variety of pipe diameters (75 to 350 mm)
  • Substantially no water outage time
  • Maximum accessible distance of 200 m from the entrance
  • Manganese, scale, deteriorated seal coat, etc. can be removed.

Debris attached or accumulated on the inside of pipes is removed with a cleaning head inserted through a hydrant T-pipe without excavating or cutting pipes.
The high-pressure jet streams from the cleaning head and high-speed rotating brushes effectively remove debris on the inside of pipes that cannot be removed by drainage.

Cleaning head (for 150-mm diameter)

It was jointly developed by Bureau of Waterworks, Tokyo Metropolitan Government, TSS Tokyo Water Co., Ltd. and Kubota Corporation.