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Preservation and Management of Water Source Forests

Bureau of Waterworks, Tokyo Metropolitan Government has been managing a forest in Tokyo and Yamanashi Prefecture over a total area of approximately 21,600 hectares along the upper reaches of the Tama River to secure steady flow of the river and preserve Ogochi Reservoir (Okutama Lake).

In order to maintain the functions of the water source forests to preserve water resources and quality and prevent soil erosion, TSS has received contracts from Bureau of Waterworks to manage the water source forests and facilities, as well as take safe care of the Tama River Water Source Forest Conservation Team.

Water source forests
Ogochi Reservoir (Okutama Lake)

Water source forest management

Forest survey

We survey the forests for damages by wild animal bite, climate changes or insects, and report to Bureau of Waterworks if any response is needed or not.

Damages to trees by bears
Inspection of anti- deer netting

Inspection of forest facilities

There are trails in a total length of approximately 780 km within the water source forests.
To ensure the safety of the walking trails, we daily check their conditions and dangers if any and report to Bureau of Waterworks.

Walking inspection of trails

Safety care of the Tama River Water Source Forest Conservation Team

There are private forests as wide as the water source forests upstream of the Tama River.

Bureau of Waterworks has organized the Tama River Water Source Forest Conservation Team in 2002 to conserve and manage these private forests with the help of volunteers for stable water supply.

TSS takes safety care and management of the volunteers.

Forest conservation by volunteers