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Leak Detection and Prevention

Leak detection

A majority of leaks occurs underground and may take a long time before detected. To reduce underground leaks, Bureau of Waterworks, Tokyo Metropolitan Government has reduced leakage rate to approximately 3% of the total water supply, one of the world lowest records, by (1) converting to stainless steel service pipes; (2) establishing water pipeline network systems; and (3) controlling to proper water pressure through careful distribution pump operations.
TSS has contributed a lot to maintain the lowest record through the round-the-clock leak detection works. Our experienced specialists have provided leak detection services with TS Leak Checkers (time-integral leak detectors), electronic leak detectors and correlation leak detectors.

Leak detection with TS Leak Checker
Leak detection with an electronic leak detector
Leak detection with a correlation leak detector
Various types of leak detection

Determination of leakage

Determination of leakage in a district metered area facilitates more efficient leak detection and location.
TSS determines leakage by the minimum night flow method at the time of unoccupied hours without causing troubles to users.

Leakage measurement

TS Leak Checker (time-integral leak detector)

Awarded the IWA-PIA East Asia 2010 Grand Award in the Operation/Management Category

The International Water Association (IWA) organizes the Project Innovation Awards (PIA) competition to recognize excellence and innovation in water engineering projects throughout the world.

In the 2010 IWA-PIA East Asia regional competition, the leak prevention technology using the TS Leak Checker shown below was awarded the Grand Award in the Operation/Management Category.

TS Leak Checker detects leak sound on supply pipes or meters.

Product features:
  • Easy to detect without expertise
  • Applicable even in the daytime when the noise level is high ( night work can be reduced)
  • Shortened measurement time (1 to 5 seconds)
  • Applicable to various pipe materials (including poly-vinyl chloride)
  • Stores a maximum of 2,000 leak detection data sets in the built-in memory
  • Transmits data to PCs via Wi-Fi, if equipped with Bluetooth

TS Leak Checker integrates with time the intensity of the continuous sound from leak and the temporary sound from other sources and distinguishes between them to determine if there are leaks in the vicinity of a meter or service pipe.
TS Leak Checker is easy to use in parallel with meter reading and can reduce leak detection costs.

Leak detection method of TSS using this product
TS Leak Checker

This product was jointly developed by TSS Co., Ltd. and Nihon Water Solution Co., Ltd.

Leak prevention

It is important to prevent secondary impacts of leaks, such as insufficient water supply, land subsidence and flooded buildings.
Leak prevention programs depend on the kind of water sources, facilities and pipes of a utility.
Based on pipeline data, measured leakage, and leak detection and repair records obtained from the leak detection work, TSS will propose appropriate solutions tailored to individual water utilities.