Comprehensive Water Services: TSS Tokyo Water Co., Ltd.

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TSS Tokyo Water (TSS) has been supporting water supply services from water sources to faucets to steadily supply safe and palatable water based on its rich experience and total technology acquired over the long history of water services.

We have also provided training for domestic and overseas water utilities to help pass on waterworks technology.

Preservation and Management of Water Source Forests

We conserve forests, manage facilities and take safety care of the Tama River Water Source Forest Conservation Volunteer Team.

Operation and Maintenance of Water Source Facilities

We maintain intake facilities: It includes the conservation, maintenance and monitoring of flow rate and quality of the historical Tamagawa Aqueduct; and conservation and maintenance of Murayama and Yamaguchi Reservoirs.

Operation and Maintenance of Water Treatment and Distribution Facilities

We operate and maintain Kinuta, Nagasawa, Ozaku and Misono treatment plants and water supply stations, and also maintain and inspect distribution pipelines and related equipment.
In the Tama suburban area, we also operate and maintain small or medium-sized treatment plants and other facilities with the integrated SCADA systems.

Design, Construction, Maintenance and Inspection of Pipelines

We design and manage construction as well as investigate and inspect pipelines to maintain their functions. We also check hydraulic properties and water quality to ensure steady supply of safe and palatable water.

Leak Detection and Prevention

We inspect on leaks and propose solutions to leak prevention most suitable for each pipeline conditions, using a variety of detectors including TS Leak Checker, a time integral leak detector developed by TSS.

Application Review and Inspection of Service Installation

We receive applications for the construction of a service installation, review the design, and inspect the constructed installation as well as replace meters. In addition, we inspect and investigate receiving tank water supply systems and give owners advices for proper maintenance.

Inventory Management of Water Supply Equipment and Materials

We manage stock of equipment and materials including pipes, valves and meters owned by Bureau of Waterworks, Tokyo Metropolitan Government. We offer round-the-clock services so that equipment and materials can be supplied even in the event of an earthquake or other emergencies.

Capacity Building and Technological Training

We provide capacity building and technological training for the Japan Waterworks Association or domestic water utilities.
We receive contracts from the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) or overseas water utilities to provide technological training for overseas trainees.