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Privacy Policies

Privacy policy

TSS Tokyo Water Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as gTSSh) is committed to protecting privacy: properly processing and protecting personal information.

1. Basic policy

TSS complies with the Law on the Protection of Personal Information and related regulations. TSS also organizes, manages and improves the information system based on its own Personal Information Protection Rules.

2. Collection of personal information

In collecting personal information, TSS explicitly indicates the purpose of its use and handles the information solely for that purpose.

3. Management of personal information

TSS maintains the accuracy of personal information and ensures information security. TSS also prevents leakage, loss, damage or impairment of personal information.

4. Provision of personal information to third parties

TSS does not provide nor disclose personal information to third parties under any circumstances, unless you consent or it is specified by a law. Even if providing personal information to third parties for these reasons, TSS requests the third party to explicitly indicate the purpose and method of use of the information, and if necessary to properly handle the information.

5. Access and correction of personal information

TSS assures that you have a right to access, correct and withdraw your personal information. If you make a request to this effect, TSS takes necessary measures immediately after your identification.