Comprehensive Water Services: TSS Tokyo Water Co., Ltd.

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Quality management

TSS Tokyo Water got an international certification of ISO 9001 (quality management system) in 2003 and has been further improving the quality of our products and services since then.

We have been making utmost effort to boost customersf satisfaction, reliance and and confidence in us.

Quality management policies

  1. We accurately understand our customersf needs in order to provide better products and services.
  2. We make progressive effort to promote capacity building, research and development in order to pass on our comprehensive waterworks technology.
  3. We recognize the quality management goals and the importance of our roles as a partner of Bureau of Waterworks, Tokyo Metropolitan Government.
  4. We continue to improve our quality management system to enhance the quality of our products and services.

Registration Scope

  • Management of Water Purification Facilities (Operation and Maintenance of Purification Plants, Water Supply Stations and Distribution Systems).
  • Design Inspections Construction Examinations on Pipeline Facilities, Service Connections and Consumersf Service Installations.
  • Consulting Work on Water Supply System (Investigations, Diagnoses and Design Work).

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