Comprehensive Water Services: TSS Tokyo Water Co., Ltd.

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Message from the President

Atsushi Masuko,Dr.Eng.

TSS Tokyo Water Co., Ltd. is committed to facilitate ever-lasting supply of safe, delicious water for the welfare of every customer with efficiency as a partner with Bureau of Waterworks, Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

TSS meets the commitment by utilizing the wealth of experience and comprehensive skill gained through utility management. It also makes every effort to build up efficient management systems as a private company.

Our services extensively cover waterworks from water sources to faucets: conservation and maintenance of water sources; operation and maintenance of purification plants and pumping stations; designing, construction supervision and maintenance of pipelines; and service installation management. TSS shares these core services with the bureau of waterworks.

In addition, TSS reduces non-revenue water and facilitates capacity building based on its technology and know-how to manage utilities, supporting both domestic and overseas water utilities in solving their problems.

We will devote our concerted efforts to supplying our customers with safe, delicious water and excellent services in close cooperation with the bureau of waterworks.